Jaz's yoga lessons were my first yoga sessions. Jaz sets a peaceful aura in the session room: firstly because she would teach us about the history and biological impact of what we would practice on the day. Secondly, Jaz has a calming voice and attitude that sets you right for the session.

I have enjoyed exercising, gaining in flexibility and also learning to listen to my body to gradually push myself. Through intensive exercise, I have learned to clear my mind and reach a peaceful state of mine.

I have also enjoyed my one-to-one tuition. As above I like to exercise and use these efforts to relax and reach a meditative state.


I was a beginner when I started Yoga with Jaz. She has lots of patience and time to take me through the moves. Never once did I feel silly for asking a question. If there was a move too straining then there was always a second move to do. Jaz always checked how we where holding ourselves with gentle encouragement to stretch that little bit more. Jaz made me feel very welcome and was happy to talk through a move or give recommendations of yoga movements we could do ourselves. Really enjoyed Sunday morning outside in the sun. I have and will always recommend Jaz to anyone looking for Yoga.


Brilliant class, had never done yoga before but now love it, only done 2 classes and can see a difference in my posture doing my poses and breathing, Jazmin is a fantastic teacher very welcoming and helpful xx


I was nervous and not sure I would be able to do yoga as I have back and knee problems, but Jazmin is amazing. I have now done her Wednesday class and a one on one session and feel fantastic (well aching a lots) she has helped and worked me through my worries, concerns and injuries. I would highly recommend Jazmin and Hatha Flow to everyone and every ability. Can't wait for the next class


A very rejuvenating session, not too tough either, I thoroughly recommend this class


After a two week break from the class I was eager to get back on the mat with Jaz, the classes are strenuous and not easy, but with Jaz's excellent support I have managed to follow the class and do poses I didn't think I would get for along time. She takes the time to ensure you have exactly the right positions and breathing for each pose while keeping eve thing flowing and of course the best bit is the relaxation after. I certainly have an excellent nights sleep after class and feel revived fore next day at work. Thanks Jaz for introducing me to yoga xx


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